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Kyung-Hyun AHN
Seoul National University
Complex rheology with particles, coating & drying mechanism
Sophia CHUNG
Seoul National University
General managing & research planning
Sang-Kyun KOO
Sangmyung University
Precision coating process, microbeads dispersion process
Dong-Hak KIM
Soonchunhyang University
Mold surface rapid heating technology
Myung-Ho KIM
Hannam University
Single screw/compounder design (screw/die)
Sun-Kyoung KIM
High pressure, high speed injection molding
See-Jo KIM
Andong National University
Numerical analysis (FEM, FVM, DEM) on die swelling, free & moving surface, polymer flow
Jae-Wook NAM
SungKyunKwan University
Transport phenomena near liquid interface & coater die design
Min-Young LYU
Mold and die design, blow molding
Young-Seok SONG
Dankook University
High precision nano-material injection molding
Kyung-Hwan YOON
Dankook University
High precision injection molding of optical material
Jong-Pyo WU
Myongji University
Microbeads particle size control applicable to light diffuser film
Byung-Ohk RHEE
Ajou University
Powder injection molding optimization & process control
Kang-Taek LEE
Yeonsei University
Dispersion control of inorganic nanoparticles and surface modification
Hyun-Wook JUNG
Korea University
Roll/slot/slide/curtain coating process analysis
Young-Wook CHANG
Hanyang University
Twin screw extruder compounding & polymer blending
Sun-Woong CHOI
Hannam University
Solid mechanics and composite materials
Kyung-Hyun CHOI
Jeju National University
Non-contact printer & process development
Joung-Sook HONG
Soongsil University
Interfacial properties of nanomaterials
Weon-Pil TAI
Ulsan Technopark
Nanomaterial synthesis/modification/dispersion
Wook-Ryol HWANG
GyeongSang National University
Microfluid mechanics & mixing optimization